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New versions for 2023

Check out the new sequels to/remake of Ungrateful BirdsNo Good Deed and Call of the Desert!

Ungrateful Birds: No Good Deed is effectively a greatly enhanced and vastly expanded remake of the original Ungrateful Birds for one or two players and is available for free!

Ungrateful Birds: Call of the Desert is its sequel! 

Ungrateful Birds (2017)

Someone has kidnapped the birds and put them in cages in the forest! Please save them! However, these birds WILL NOT BE GRATEFUL.

  • Jump with X!
  • Pick up stones with Z!
  • Throw stones with Z!
  • Throw stones to break cages to set birds free!
  • Dodge the birds' stones!

Contains NINE BIRD-PACKED LEVELS and THREE DIFFERENT BIRDS. Get close to the cages to find out what kind of bird is inside!

Press F or F4 to toggle fullscreen.


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the things i do for these birds!!!


I feel very unappreciated.

(1 edit) (+5)

I preservered and saved all the birds... a thankless victory.