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ARE YOU READY to enter the CAVERNS OF KHRON? Spikes, slugs, demons and more await you below the surface. What unknown evils will you encounter deep within? Arm yourself with sword and star and venture forth!

CAVERNS OF KHRON is an independent freeware game project by designer John D. Moore with music by WiL Whitlark (composer for Retro Affect's Snapshot) and environment graphics by Michael Santiago. The game contains forty levels of puzzle and action platforming majorly influenced by MS-DOS and NES games of the 1980s and 1990s, plus additional bonus levels accessed after the game's completion, giving the game over fifty stages that will thrill and challenge.


Caverns of Khron 1.4 66 MB

Install instructions

To play the game, unzip all of its contents into a folder with read-write access and run "Caverns of Khron.exe." The game is controlled with the arrow keys, Z, X, C, and Enter for the menu. As of version 1.2, the game supports joysticks.

If updating from a version of Caverns of Khron before 1.3, paste your old khronsave.ini file in the AppData\Local\Caverns_of_Khron folder

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