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Invasion Versus

The aliens are invading your beloved Earth. 

Or, perhaps, the inhabitants of this strange planet are violently resisting the arrival of your team.

Which one are you?

INVASION VERSUS is a fast-paced asymmetric action game that pits two players against each other. One is a mobile Earth turret pointing heavenward, shooting enemies out of the sky. The other is a fleet of invaders who slowly descend to Earth. 

Earth wins if all alien invaders are destroyed. The invaders win if all turrets are destroyed or they pass the defense line. 

Arcade Mode

INVASION VERSUS also features a single-player arcade mode in which the player assumes the role of the Earth team and faces off against wave after wave of aliens, aiming for a high score.


Earth:  Move: Left/right Shoot: Up/Control/0 (numpad) Select: Enter

Invaders: Move: A/D Shoot: S/Space

Gamepads (both): Move: D-pad/analog stick Shoot: A/B Select: Start


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Hey there! I did a little gameplay on your game and I just wanna say its amazing!