Explobers relaunch! Download today!

Explobers version 1.2 is here and the update is big! Download today!

Today we're launching Explobers 1.2 in a major way! Based on early feedback, I'm incorporating some desired features, adjusting some aspects of game difficulty, and adding in some thing I really thought the game ought to have. These include:

  • Rebalanced difficulty for selected early stages! I've upped the number of available Explobers for some stages and likewise adjusted some expert targets.
  • Control scheme! The keys to build and explode now work to perform actions for all characters, which will hopefully make the learning curve a little gentler. Keyboard and gamepad (recommended) controls remain fully remappable!
  • New secrets! New unlockable graphic modes are now hidden in the game.
  • Full Japanese-language support! Play the game in English or Japanese!
  • Bugfixes! You know, like game updates usually have!

Explobers is a game where you control cute (and nervous!) little creatures called Explobers as they work together to blast new paths and build their own platforms through dozens of challenging puzzles. A retro-inspired puzzle platformer, Explobers is packed full of varied environmental brain-teasers!

If you have downloaded a previous version of Explobers, replace the old executable with the new one. The game will detect you're playing with an old save and import your save file accordingly.

If you enjoy the game, please tell your friends! And consider a $4.00 donation as a way to show your appreciation.

Happy explobing!


Explobers for Windows (Game v. 1.2 and Manual) 22 MB
Dec 11, 2017

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I'm glad you're still banging this one out. Congrats on the updated release.

Thank you very much!